Stage 2: Fun, Fitness and FUNdamentals

During this stage, children continue to develop and master fundamental movement patterns including the ABCs of Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed.

Early elementary school age children need to participate in a variety of well-structured activities that develop basic skills. These should also maintain a focus on fun and formal competition should only be minimally introduced.

This is a “sampling” stage, that is, children should sample a range of sport activities and gymnastics should be of those sports.

All the FUNdamentals in one place

B.C.’s PLAY Gymnastics clubs offer programs where children have the opportunity to enjoy sport, have fun and develop fundamental movement skills. These skills will be beneficial in any sport and will enhance their quality of life and health.

As they continue to PLAY, their fundamental movement patterns will gain quality, definition and refinement. Among the activities in the gym are fun activities and games to develop physical capabilities, agility, balance and coordination. Sport ethics are introduced and children develop an acceptance of gym rules.

Some children may show an interest in more advanced gymnastics programs. They will be streamed into special programs that suit their ability and may include preparation for competition or Special Olympics



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