LTAD Stage 1: Active Start

From birth to six years, children need to be engaged in daily active PLAY. Through PLAY and movement, the develop the fundamental movement patterns that provide the foundation for learning fundamental sports skills at older ages.

Children this age need to develop the ABCs of movement: Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. The ABCs are essential for developing fundamental movement patterns. These patterns provide the foundation for fundamental sports skills.

Together, fundamental movement patterns and fundamental sport skills form the basis of physical literacy.

Gymnastics is the ideal active start activity

B.C’s PLAY Gymnastics clubs are among the few sports with specialized programming for this age group.

Through age-appropriate activities and using adapted equipment, children are introduced to the fundamental movement patterns and develop gross motor skills, flexibility, the ABCs, cognitive development, creative movement and social skills.

An early active start in gymnastics enhances development of brain function, physical coordination, gross motor skills and posture and balance. An active start also helps children to build confidence, social skills, emotional control imagination while reducing stress and improving sleep.

Children in the active start stage should see physical activity as a fun and exciting part of everyday life.



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Technical Director: Andrée Montreuil, 604-333-3491,

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