Preschool Gymnastics

PLAY Gymnastics BC clubs are among the few sports who offer specialized programming for preschool aged children. With its numerous benefits, preschool-aged children learn a great deal PLAYing in gymnastics.

Most preschool gymnastics classes, including “Parent & Tot” classes, focus on creating movement challenges for children to explore and resolve. Children PLAY at their own pace and lessons are structured to allow for individual differences.

Preschool gymnastics programs feature:

  • Running, jumping, climbing, rolling, twisting, kicking, throwing, catching
  • Agility, balance and coordination
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Spatial awareness
  • Creative moment and make-believe
  • Exposure to music and dance activities
  • Group social skills
  • Psycho/socio development

Preschool gymnastics programs DO NOT include:

  • Repetitive and prolonged activity; competitive-type training
  • Focus on training gymnastics “skills”
  • Risky positions and exercises
  • Activities and equipment that are not appropriate or which have not been adapted for small children
  • Flexibility training

Sample preschool classes

Usual Time Requirement:

  • Under 4 years of age: 30-45 minute classes, once per week for 10-36 weeks of the year
  • 4-6 years of age: 45-60 minute classes, once or twice per week for 10-36 weeks of the year
  • Participation in other, non-structured PLAY activities is encouraged

Role of Parents

To introduce their child(ren) to a range of activities, provide encouragement and participate in activities such as parent days, shows and parent/child classes

Parent & Tot class overview (courtesy of SPLITZ Gymnastics)

Walking to 3 years old; parent participation required

Parent & tot classes consist of a unique combination of circle time, free exploration, and skill development.  They are designed to enhance gross motor development through stimulating the senses with specialized preschool equipment, music, bright colors and an environment conducive to learning.

Participation in a parent & tot class helps your child with gross motor development, kinesthetic awareness, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and much more in an atmosphere which fosters parent-child bonding.

Examples of skills learned in preschool classes (courtesy of Delta Gymnastics)

  • On the floor: various balance stands (stork stand, teddy bear stand, etc); how to fall; leaps; jumps; turns; cartwheel; rolls (log roll, forward roll, backward roll); etc.
  • On the balance beam: jump and land safely; sits (tuck sit, straight sit, v-sit); walking (backwards, sideways); hops; rolls (forward roll; backward roll); etc.
  • On the bars: glide swing; jump land and roll; hangs (long hang, ruck hang, straddle hang); etc.
  • On the vault: running fast; springs (over objects, to height); jump and land safely from height; climb to height; jumps (star jump, straight jump); etc.
  • On the trampoline: safety; jumps (two foot, stop jump, star jump); seat drop, etc.

For more details on the skills your child will learn in a recreational gymnastics class, contact the PLAY Gymnastics BC club near you.

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