Seagulls and Crows

Goal: Try to tag as many players of the opposing team if their “bird” is called.

Preparation: Determine the ending lines/end of the room for the two teams.

How to play: Split everyone into two teams. Assign one team to be the “crows” and the other team as “seagulls”. Have each team line up parallel with each other (facing each other), with about three feet between them.

Explain the rules. In the game, you will be telling a story. If you say the word “crow” in the story, the crows have to run back to their ending line/end of the room. The seagulls will try to tag the crows before they reach the end of their line/room- If the seagulls tag a crow, the crow becomes part of the seagulls’ team. Same goes vice versa- if you say the word “seagull” in your story, then the crows try to tag the seagulls before they run back to their side of the room.

Start with a practice round- tell a story and somehow add the word “seagull” or “crow”. (Example: “Yesterday, I went over to my grandma’s house. She has 100 cats and 20 seagulls!” or “At the zoo, I see lots of different animals. Crabs, kangeroos, cats…and especially crows.”

Start the game- Whoever has the most players on one side at the end of 15 minutes wins the game (or, if one team tags everyone of their opposing team, they win the game).

Rock paper scissors

  • Set up two teams on opposite sides of the floor.
  • As a team, both groups decide whether they are rock, paper, or scissors.
  • Call out ‘go’ and both groups run to the middle of the floor.
  • Call out ‘draw’ and all members of each team show what they chose.
  • The team that wins chases the other team to their end of the floor and tries to tag them. The team that loses runs as fast as they can to the ‘safe’ area at the end of the floor. If an athlete gets tagged, they join the other team.

Mouse in in House

  • Choose 2-4 chasers. The remainder of the players are ‘free runners.’
  • Scatter 10+ hoops evenly in open space with 1 player in each hoop.
  • Players immune from being tagged by a ‘chaser’ if marching in hoop. Free running players, if tagged by chasers, change role with chaser. A free running player can touch a player in a hoop and take over the hoop position (only 1 allowed in hoop).

Variation: Have players in the hoops running-on-the-spot (showing good technique – swinging arms and lifting knees high). Vary the locomotion for all other players (springing two feet, galloping etc).

Snakes and Frogs – Catch ‘em all tag

  • Select several chasers who are snakes and can only move by doing log rolls. The rest of the players are frogs and can only move by hopping: squat, jump high in the air to squat, and repeat.
  • When a snake tags a frog, the frog turns into a snake and also becomes a chaser by doing log rolls. Continue until all frogs are caught.


  • Instructor may have to restrict the size of the playing area so that snakes do not have to roll too far.
  • Scatter mats could also provide ‘lily pads’ that allow immunity. Newest player on scatter has sole possession.

Friends with a twist

  • All players are running in ever-changing directions. Several chasers are identified by scarfs or bibs etc.
  • Players are immune from being tagged if joined with another (friends) and springing in a circle. Instructor declares beforehand how friends are joined: side by side, facing each other, or back to back.
  • On the instructor’s frequent signal (clap), all pairs (friends) must disengage, and for new friendships (pairs). If caught by a chaser, chaser and player change positions.

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