Relay race

Have athletes hold sticky bug, with feet on wall. Athletes should be shoulder to shoulder. One athlete at a time goes through the tunnel and then makes a sticky bug at the end until the whole group is done.

Variation: Form two teams. Have kids hold a front or back support next to each other in two lines. One athlete goes at a time and races underneath the support to the end of the line.

Bobsledding Buddies

Minimum of six players in teams of three or four

This is a team relay which is best played barefoot. Teams sit down in a line at a start line and each player (except for the first person in the line) wraps their feet around the waist of the person in front of them.

The finish line should be about 3 – 4.5m away from the start line.

When the instructor says ‘go,’ the teams must use only their hands to slide themselves towards the finish line. If any team breaks apart, the students must rejoin each other and form a chain again before moving further. The first team to reach the finish line wins.

Crocodile Race

Minimum of eight players in teams of four to 10

Form teams of 4-10 players. The players of each team stand in a straight line behind the leader.

Each player puts their hands on the shoulder of the player in front. Everyone crouches down by bending their knees to form a ‘crocodile.’

The newly formed ‘crocodile’ races against the other team(s). The race may be in a straight line or the teams may be required to maneuver around obstacles and return to the starting point. If the leader goes too fast, the team will break up.

Shuttle Races

Create four or more teams and have them line up on one side of the gym.

The first player in each group runs between markers between 6 – 12 m apart and touches the ground on each turn, The next player in turn runs on the sport while waiting.

Each player has a turn on the shuttle run (you can use a baton to pass between players)


  • Slow down the pace (and increase the physical difficulty) by using animal walks (crab, monkey, frog)
  • Shorten the shuttle distance if necessary
  • Transfer bean bags – place on tummy from full hoop to empty hoop
  • Carry bean bag on head while walking

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