Partner Games

Catch Challenge

  • minimum 10 players
  • tennis balls, or similar (one for each pair playing)

Each player begins by throwing the ball back and forth to each other (either underhand or overhand) until one in the pair drops the ball.

Then the player who drops the ball must do the following and remain in that position to continue throwing and catching:
1st Drop: Down on one knee
2nd Drop: Down on two knees
3rd Drop: Down on two knees and one elbow
4th Drop: Down on two knees and two elbows
5th Drop: The pair is eliminated from the game

The game continues until only one pair remains or for a set period of time. To make the game more challenging, increase the distance between the pairs after a set number of throws.

Front/Back support copy cat

Everyone in partners. One partner does two different front or back support positions. The other partner copies and adds 1 new one.

Repeat, changing back to the original partner etc.

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