Other Games

Moving with Cards

  • Audio equipment (optional)
  • Two or more decks of playing cards

Give each child a playing card.

  1. Have students move around the activity area, using different locomotion patterns and passing playing cards to each other, while music is playing.
  2. Stop the music every 30 to 45 seconds.When the music stops, the students get into groups based on card numbers (e.g., all the 4s or all the jacks).
  3. Have each group get together in a safe area and do the activity identified by the suit of the card (see below). Groups perform the activity the same number of times as the number on the card (i.e., 3 times for a 3, 11 for a jack, 12 for a queen, 13 for a king, and 14 for an ace): hearts – jumping jacks | diamonds – star jumps | spades – tuck jumps | clubs – knee lifts
  4. Repeat until everyone is warmed up!

Lobsters & Scorpions

All players in back support, legs bent (crab). Fingers point forward.

Move forward by jumping both feet forward, then jumping both hands forward.

Travel several steps this way, then reverse, going backwards. Repeat with one leg held up off the ground (lobster’s claw).

Turn over to front support and raise one leg behind you with the knee bent (scorpion’s stinger)

Move as a scorpion, forward, backward, sidewards.

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