PLAYing your way to happiness

Happy children playing outsideHappiness. According to the Dalai Lama “happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

So what actions can you take to help your child live a happy life? Turns out that physical activity is a key ingredient.

Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that individuals who exercise on a regular basis tend to be happier over the long-term. And research has shown that those who don’t, tend to be unhappier.

Okay, so we need to get kids moving. How?

Give them the skills to successfully be active. They spent time learning to play their favourite video games. And they didn’t know how to read the first time they picked up a book. So teaching them movement skills just makes sense.

Movement skills?

There are seven fundamental movement skills associated with all physical activity. These include typical activities like running, jumping, skipping, balancing on one leg, swinging on the monkey bars, landing safely, throwing and catching.

And gymnastics is the one sport to incorporate all seven fundamental movement skills. A typical gymnastics program teaches these in a fun and safe environment. From jumping on a trampoline, to swinging on the bars to balancing on a beam, recreational gymnastics classes use PLAY to teach movement skills.

PLAYing with the skills

A child who has learned the fundamentals of reading, has more choices at the library. So too will the child with a basis in movement choose many different ways to PLAY.

Did you know?

  • Exercise decreases anxiety, reduces depression and improves mood and outlook in children (1)
  • Physical activity improves quality of sleep (2)
  • Exercise leads to improved ability to overcome challenging situations (3)

And most importantly it’s FUN! Being able to PLAY with friends leads to enjoyable memories and lots of laughs. But if your child doesn’t have the confidence or the ability in his physical skills, he may shy away from being physically active.

The result is missed opportunities, increased health risks and a sense of not being accepted by his peers.

So let’s get happy!

Check out your local gymnastics club about fun programs for your child. Many of our PLAY Gymnastics BC clubs have summer camps, which are a perfect way to start learning those fundamental movement skills. And registration for fall classes is either underway or just about to begin.

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