Gymnastics and child development

PLAY Gymnastics’ goal is to ensure that all B.C. children benefit from early participation in recreational gymnastics. Gymnastics, as a foundation sport, is important in the development of all children.

The articles below highlight the important links between childhood participation in gymnastics and development in other areas of life.

Gymnastics and everyday life

  • Using PLAY to raise healthy and happy kids [read more]
  • PLAYing your way to happiness [read more]
  • Three reasons why gymnastics helps boys PLAY in other sports [read more]
  • Gymnastics and the PLAYground [read more]
  • Can gymnastics help with PLAY? Yes! [read more]

Physical literacy

  • Monkeying around to better writing [read more]
  • Jumping to a healthy and active live [read more]
  • Important locomotion and rotation skills [read more]
  • Does your child run everywhere?? Or skip down the sidewalk as you walk behind?  [read more]
  • Stationary positions and balance go hand in hand [read more]

Fundamental Building Block

  • From balance beam to easel – how gymnastics helps with art [read more]
  • Use gymnastics build the best snowman! [read more]
  • Performance gymnastics builds confidence while having fun [read more]
  • Keeping children safe on the playground. [read more]
  • How does participating in gymnastics lead to success in math class and driving safely?  [read more]

Gymnastics for all ages and abilities

  • Gymnastics programs for autism [read more]
  • How gymnastics helps with one, two buckle my shoe [read more]
  • Gymnastics for babies and toddlers [read more]
  • Gymnastics is an activity that everyone can participate in and benefit from. And this includes children with special needs. [read more]
  • **NEW** International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Does Gymnastics Help Children with Special Needs? [read more]

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