About Gymnastics

When you think about gymnastics, do you think about young athletes performing amazing and difficult routines?

While gymnastics is one of the most popular and anticipated events at the Olympics, it is much, much more than that! These Olympic athletes are just a small part of the large gymnastics family.

All of gymnastics’ disciplines (artistic, trampoline, rhythmic, acrobatic and aerobic) offer opportunities for fun, participation, learning and competition for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability.

Popularity of recreational gymnastics

In B.C. alone, over 93 percent of our gymnasts come to a club for an hour of recreational classes once or twice per week. There they learn the basic body movement patterns that are part of physical literacy. Only a small percentage of Gymnastics BC’s 36,000 gymnasts will ever take part in a competition, at any level.

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Jul 7 to 9, 2017

2017 GFA Summer Retreat

The Gymnastics For All Summer Retreat is designed for recreational gymnastics coordinators and coaches, program directors, club managers and owners. …

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