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Recreational gymnastics classes are FUN! And the children (youth and adults) who looke like they are PLAYing are actually developing and reinforcing the fundamentals of movement.

Recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Foundation Sport for all physical activity and sports, gymnastics is about how the body moves. Participation in gymnastics develops critical skills such as balance, strength, flexibility, overall body awareness and social and mental abilities that carry over into all aspects of life.

PLAY Gymnastics BC represents over 40,000 B.C. children, youth and adults who participate recreationally. With mascots, bright colours and focusing 100 percent on non-competitive gymnastics, PLAY Gymnastics BC is all about the FUN!

With over 70 member clubs throughout B.C. offering recreational gymnastics classes, there is something for everyone!

And if you have questions or want more info, call or email Keara Hooi, our Gymnastics For All Manager at 604-333-3494 or

Meet the mascots


Marley TrampolineOur resident marmot, Marley is prankster, playful, fun, team player, friendly. Gymnstics is a great sport for Marley, because Marley loves to roll and tumble. Marley’s favourites include pizza, PLAYing hide and seek and in the dirt.




Bar faceGymnastics helps our squirrel climb fast. Zippy is also agile, resourceful and energetic (gymnastics is great for tiring Zippy out). Zippy loves granola (which is often saved for later) and thinks that adventures are fun!




Sammy-danceThe trampolines at Gymnastics BC clubs help Sammy jump even higher. Sammy is also quite intelligent, a good listener, loving, and carefree. Veggies, espeically salads are Sammy’s favourite food. When Sammy isn’t jumping around, chances are that some hip-hop music is playing!



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Gymnastics BC member clubs throughout the province offer quality programming that provide the many benefits of gymnastics. Search now for a club nearest you!



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May 24 to 26, 2019

2019 BC Gymnaestrada, Victoria

Hosted by: PLAY Gymnastics BC and Lion’s Pride Gymnastics Academy Contact: Keara Urquhart,, 604-333-3494 See full event details. 

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