Gymnastics BC Recreational Parkour

Gymnastics BC is proud to offer recreational parkour coaching certification in partnership with the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF).

Certified instructors are entered into the WFPF database and eligible to coach recreational parkour at any Gymnastics BC member club or WFPF-affiliated facility. All Gymnastics BC full member clubs must have WFPF certified coaches in order to offer recreational parkour programming.

What is Parkour?

According to the WFPF, “parkour is the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles in your path to increase your efficiency.” It has origins in a training program for French Special Forces known as “Parcours du combatant,” or “The Path of the Warrior.” Read a detailed history of Parkour.

Recreational Parkour Certification Courses:

Gymnastics BC aims to offer recreational parkour certification courses on an annual basis. Contact Keara Hooi, GFA Manager, to host a certification course in your area.

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Course Eligibility Requirements:

In order to enroll in the Gymnastics BC parkour certification course, coaches must be:

  • NCCP Foundations Intro and Theory
  • At least 16 years of age at the time of the course
  • Affiliated with a Gymnastics BC full member club
  • A registered Gymnastics BC member


  • $595 CAN (+GST) per course participant

Course length:

  • 3 full days
    • Day 1: 8 content hours (Physical Assessment and Level 1)
    • Day 2: 6 content hours (Level 2)
    • Day 3: 6 content hours (Testing)

Course Materials provided:

  • Roots and Evolution Information Booklet
  • WFPF Instructor Certification Manual (CAN)

Moving forward, requirements for GymBC member clubs that wish to offer recreational parkour programming:

  • WFPF Level 2 certified coach(es)*
  • *Coach(es) must hold current WFPF membership – renewal is completed online through the WFPF website.

Other Information:

  • Once certified, an instructor is entered into the WFPF database and eligible to coach recreational parkour (to the level that he/she is certified) at any GBC member club or WFPF affiliated gym.
    • Note: As per GBC instructor requirements, WFPF certified instructors from outside of BC wishing to coach parkour within a GBC member club must complete the NCCP Foundations Intro and Theory courses.
  • Maintaining certification provides instructors access to regular updates, merchandise discounts, suggestions on marketing strategies, discounts on next-level certifications (including future judging courses).
  • GBC clubs are welcome to enroll in the WFPF curriculum and licensing program; the decision to participate is up to each club.
  • Should a participant be unsuccessful in passing the certification course, he or she will be required to repeat the entirety of the course for a subsequent chance at certification.

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*Renewal fee is currently $50 US per annum. Subject to change at the discretion of the WFPF.

Upcoming recreational parkour certification courses:

For more information on recreational parkour, contact Keara Hooi, GFA Manager, at

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