Cheerleading programs operated through Gymnastics BC are only at the recreational or basic level.

Competitive cheerleading and the training of competitive cheerleading is not part of Gymnastic BC programming or insurance coverage.

Insurance coverage

GBC insurance will cover cheerleading practices that take place within a full member club’s facility under the following conditions:

  • A Level 2 coach is present in the gym (not necessarily the cheerleading coach)
  • Pyramids do not exceed two levels
  • No inversions from off the ground. This means that participants cannot attempt inversions off any surface that is not the floor (i.e. flipping from someone’s shoulders or hands)
  • Skills that fit within the practices of the National Federation of State High School Associations will be covered.
  • Legal suspended rolls will be allowed. These are “forward suspended rolls off multi-base stunts, shoulder height or below, where the top person maintains continuous hand to hand/arm contact with the original two bases”
  • Performance restrictions according to the National Federation of State High School  Associations’ Sport Rules include:
  • Inverted dismounts (except legal suspended rolls) are not permitted
  • Inverted vaults are not permitted

Activities not covered by Gymnastics BC

  • GBC does not provide coverage for cheerleading outside of a club.
  • GBC will not cover the activities such as inversions or stunts higher than two people even though these activities are allowed for post secondary cheerleaders.

Registration with Gymnastics BC

Cheerleading is an individual member registration classification for individuals who will be participating in GBC club operated recreational level cheerleading programs.


Keara Hooi, Gymnastics For All Manager, 604-333-3494,

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