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ACRiX is a Gymnastics BC program that combines circus arts with gymnastics in order to offer a fun and extreme physical activity to youth.

It is targeted to youth who do not typically participate in organized sports or no longer do so. Participation in ACRiX gives youth the confidence to meet other sporting and non-sporting challenges.

ACRiX’s flexibility allows the program to accommodate the training and background of the instructors, the interests of the participants and the equipment available. Participants may learn juggling, acrobatics, group pyramids, trapeze, lyra, tumbling, parkour and trampolining and other circus skills.

The basic principles of ACRiX are to provide a safe setting for youth to be physically active, develop new skills, become engaged within their communities and gain skills to help them in their futures.

For non-joiners, those who are “at risk” or economically, emotionally, intellectually or socially disadvantaged, ACRiX is a fun and challenging activity.

ACRiX Philosophy

  • A fun physical activity that teaches participants skills that can last a lifetime.
  • Helps youth feel successful
  • Celebrates the accomplishments of each youth participant.
  • Enables youth to establish goals and follow through with them.
  • Helps youth work together collaboratively and cooperatively.
  • Provides a non-competitive inclusive opportunity for youth to feel good about themselves and their ability to control the movement of their bodies.


Watch ACRiX in action at Club Aviva (Coquitlam) –


Keara Hooi, Gymnastics For All Manager, 604-333-3494,


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